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The '''Chi Phi''' ('''ΧΦ''') Fraternity is an American College Social fraternities and sororities|Fraternity that was established as the result of the merger of three separate organizations that were each known as Chi Phi. The earliest of these organizations was formed at Princeton in 1824. Today, Chi Phi has over 43,500 living alumni members from over 100 active and inactive Chapters and un-chartered Colonies. Currently Chi Phi has 54 active Chapters and 6 Colonies. A man named Jerry Reid, who returned to college in a new major at the age of 68 and subsequently pledged Chi Phi, is possibly the oldest new member ever thus far to join a college fraternity.HuffPost, 2013. Link:
CrestImage:chiphilogo.jpg|200px|The Crest of the Chi Phi Fraternity
Founded{{start date and years ago|1824|12|24}}
BirthplacePrinceton University
ScopeUnited States
ColorsScarlet (color)|Scarlet {{color box|#FF2000}} and Blue {{color box|blue}}
Flower| chapters = 54
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